Evolution, survival and adaptation (Evolution)

by dhw, Saturday, September 09, 2017, 10:42 (617 days ago) @ David Turell

dhw: PRE-WHALE: What the heck’s happenin’ to me? Why is my legs turnin’ into flippers? Jumpin’ Jiminy, I’d better go live in the water.
(Repeat the dialogue for noses/blowholes and all the other changes, apart from the last line, as pre-whale may already have gone to live in the water…except that all the other changes are supposed to have been planned in advance as well and not as a result of his entering the water. Pre-whale to improvise last line until scenario is clarified.)

DAVID: Very cute but shoves all the complexity of change under the rug.

dhw: The need for clarification of the Turell scenario has been shoved under the rug.

DAVID: Behind the curtain of your play, God is whispering to the whales-to-be, "I'd like you to live in water and I'll supply the changes. Want to try?"

Nice of him to give them the choice. However, we still don’t know why he wanted pre-whales to live in water when his primary purpose was to produce the human brain. And we still don’t know why he made the changes in so many different stages. And since you have him planning everything in advance, and not making the changes as a RESULT of their entering the water, we still don’t at which stage they actually did start living in water. Do you think at Stage 1 he said: “You got your fins. Go live in the water.” Then at Stage 2: “Come on out o’ there now, cos it’s time for me to give you a blowhole.” Or: “Dammit, I make the darnedest mistakes. I’m comin’ in to give you guys a blowhole.”

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