Natures Wonders- living fossils (Introduction)

by dhw, Monday, November 20, 2017, 13:42 (486 days ago) @ David Turell

dhw: (to Tony:) No, my hypothesis entails only one form of “magic”, which offers us the best evidence of design, and that is the first living cells. They arrived fully functional and functionally perfect. And within their perfection lay a mechanism that enabled them not only to reproduce but also to combine with other cells to expand their range of functions.

DAVID: But this is Tony's magic for which you have no logical explanation. You can logically see the design as a strong argument for design and deny the need for a designer.

The design is a strong argument for a designer, and I do not "deny" it. It is a major factor in my inability to embrace atheism. Under “dangerous bacteria” we had the following exchange:

dhw: As for alternatives to your God, you know perfectly well that one is chance and one is the panpsychist hypothesis I have described over and over again (bottom up evolution), and you know that I find these hypotheses as difficult to believe in as the universal sourceless conscious mind you call God. And that is why I am an agnostic. (See also my response to the article on panpsychism)

DAVID: Yes I understand your hang ups.

I do not "deny" the designer or chance or the panpsychist hypothesis, but I cannot believe in any of them, since all of them defy logic in one way or another. In one post you understand my agnosticism, and in another you don’t.

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