Humour (Introduction)

by David Turell @, Wednesday, November 19, 2008, 19:59 (3442 days ago) @ Mark

Can humanists not laugh at themselves? I though that was an essential part of humour.

Mark: Does this help: Atheist, etc.:

Age: Starts during teenage rebellion. 5/10

Wealth: Per individual, but atheism more prevalent if loaded with it. 8/10

Follower dedication: Fanatical. Constantly implying how dumb everyone else is.Signs on buses. 5/10

Daffiest doctrine: Deification of Darwin. He is named "He Who Cannot Be Criticized". (Somewhat like Mohammed) 10/10

Weapon of Choice: Polemic books by Dawkins, Harris, etc. 8/10

Easily offended: Never. Superior attitude over all the deluded religious.

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