Bacterial motors carefully studied (Introduction)

by David Turell @, Saturday, April 02, 2016, 22:14 (1148 days ago) @ BBella

BBella: So what you are saying (altho you can't be sure of course - but using the weaver bird for an example), is that the weaver bird is looking out onto the landscape of choices and at that very moment God decides suddenly the weaver bird must have a different, more innovative nest than any before. So into the weaver birds imagination pops a new innovative idea to tie knots - altho it had previously never tied a knot before? Really?

In landscapes I'm discussing protein molecules and function only, and the molecules are not tagged with possible function labels. So how does one know which one to pick to create a new invention of form?

With the weavers, I just don't think they invented those knots. They seem as complex as the ones boy scouts learn. Those nests are very protective of the birds and their chicks Why wouldn't God help them with protection?

BBella: For me, it has to be because the bird has the ability to do almost anything within certain bounds, it just works with what it knows in creating its nest with what seems to work or look better, no different than this guy in this video:

I loved the video. Our raccoons are somewhat like the badger.

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