Bacterial motors carefully studied (Introduction)

by David Turell @, Sunday, April 03, 2016, 15:17 (1141 days ago) @ dhw

dhw: You are assuming he did not wish it to progress unmonitored! I am surprised but pleased to hear that you don't believe in your hypothesis of a 3.8-billion-year computer programme after all. But since you insist on God's “guidance”, even down to the building of the weaverbird's nest, this leaves you with nothing but divine dabbling (unless you can think of an alternative means of “guidance”) to account for every innovation, lifestyle and natural wonder.

Again a misinterpretation of my thinking: the 3.8 billion year program and the dabble are two alternative ways God guided evolution. The key starting point of my reasoning is God invented and guided evolution. Since guidance is a key, an IM is guided also. I believe in guidance, method unknown.

dhw: Why could he not have invented a mechanism to function without his guidance?

He could have with all the guidance built in.

dhw: My objection is to your insistence that all innovations etc. are “guided” by God, and are/were geared to humans right from the start. Maybe the weaverbird designed its own nest for its own purposes.

Design involves visualizing the purpose in the present for the future. Bird brains can conceptualize? I see trial and error for those birds. If nests fossilized we might find a trail of changes.

DAVID: When you think about God you read Him from your agnostic point of view, nothing like my point of view. Are humans an accident as Gould claims, arriving by Darwin's theory? They look like a saltation to me. God did it. Simple logic.

dhw: My hypothesis actually allows for humans not being an accident, for their being a saltation (like every other innovation), for a God, and even for a God intervening. What it does not allow for is every innovation, lifestyle and natural wonder depending on God's guidance, and for his anthropocentric starting-point.

So God intervenes on and off when He feels like it? If He bothered to start a universe and life, why wouldn't He have an intense continuous interest?

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