Evolution and humans (Evolution)

by Balance_Maintained @, U.S.A., Sunday, May 24, 2015, 19:50 (3319 days ago) @ David Turell

> > Tony:Also, I personally have an issue with humans being the 'end goal' of the design. I think they are an integral part of the design, and I think they were designed to serve a specific purpose within the system. I do not think they were to be the end goal.
>David: Do you think there is an 'end goal' and if so, What is it?-This is one of those areas that I happily say, "I don't know." I do believe there is a larger purpose. Something bigger than earth, bigger than humans, but intimately connected to life in general.-One of the very interesting points about the bible is what is NOT said as much as what is said. Genesis doesn't say "And God completed his work." It says he took a day of 'rest'. Several points in the bible indicate that the creative work will pick up where he left off, as if uninterrupted, but there are no explicit details. (IT is also interesting that God wanted/needed to 'take a day of rest') Was that for his benefit, or ours?

What is the purpose of living? How about, 'to reduce needless suffering. It seems to me to be a worthy purpose.

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