Evolution and humans: all over Africa (Evolution)

by dhw, Thursday, October 05, 2017, 13:21 (2384 days ago) @ David Turell

dhw: There are no answers if you keep insisting that God did it all, even though his prime purpose was to produce the brain of Homo sapiens. If you allow for the possibility that instead he gave organisms the ability to do things for themselves, you have an answer to all my questions. (See “Evolution: survival and adaptation")

DAVID: That takes us back to God-lite, His giving a mechanism to organisms to change to newer (better?) forms, through their own action. But do you seriously think God would offer a free-style mechanism after producing the universe to support life, starting life, and then let organisms go it on their own? So He could watch the fun as they stupidly create all sorts of weird objects. That has been your approach. If I invested as much effort as God did, I'd at least guide the process. I'll stick with my thoughts.

dhw: Why “stupidly”? I thought you were full of wonderment at and appreciation of the astonishing variety and beauty and cleverness of nature’s wonders. So why wouldn’t your God look on them in the same way?
You keep going on about purpose. Then tell me what you think was his purpose in creating life with all its wonders, including the human brain, and then in hiding himself.

DAVID: Stupidly refers to the possibility of strange, unneeded forms. As for purpose, having humans with consciousness who could relate to Him through faith, because He is hidden. Life has its wonders but none of them, except us, recognize Him.

I don’t know what “strange, unneeded forms” you’re talking about. One might ask “unneeded for what?” The only answer from your hypothesis would be unneeded for the production of the human brain. And your inability to find any connection between the vast variety of “weird” forms and the brain makes your anthropocentric hypothesis all the more unlikely. In any case, why are they weird and stupid if produced by themselves, but not weird and stupid if produced by your God?

As for the purpose, we now have him producing all these weird and stupid creatures in order to keep life going until he can produce a being whose faith he can test. What sort of relationship can one have with a being that remains hidden? And what do you think he will get out of this faith? Sorry if I’ve misunderstood you, but I just can’t follow any of this.

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