Evolution and humans: big brain birth canal (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Sunday, November 04, 2018, 18:51 (1995 days ago) @ dhw

DHW: The rest of your post repeats your belief that only “a mind”, i.e. your God can do all the designing. Let me know when you have found the 3.8-billion-year computer programme for all the above (or when you find a reliable witness to divine dabbling), and I’ll let you know if I hear of any evidence that cells/cell communities are capable of greater feats than those that ”my” experts already regard as evidence of autonomous intelligence.

DAVID: Of course the subject is gaps. No tiny pelvic changes are seen in the fossil record, which it what one would expect from immediate adaptation in a 'present' time of local changes. Of course a 'mind' is required. That is all logic dictates. As for cells, all that has been demonstrated is that they can make logical responses to immediate local stimuli, no evidence of future design capacity. There is n o proof, only logic based on our experiences.

dhw: Logic tells us that if the foetus became larger, the birth canal would also have had to become larger.


dhw: Unfortunately, we have no record of precisely how big individual foetuses and canals were year by year, but I do not see how logic dictates that a sourceless, unknown and unknowable mind either dabbled or preprogrammed sudden expansions of foetuses and canals plus the billions of other innovations, lifestyles and natural wonders throughout the history of life

Yet you admit design is required.

dhw: (let alone that it was all for the purpose of producing the brain and body of Homo sapiens). As for cells, must I really keep repeating that (a) my proposal is that evolution does NOT advance through fortune-telling but through RESPONSES to present conditions, and (b) that there is no proof for any of the hypotheses, but I regard my own hypothesis as considerably more logical than yours (bearing in mind that I do not reject the possibility that there is a God who designed the mechanism).

Yes, back to design is required, and the onlyh evidence we currently have is simply that only minds design.

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