Evolution and humans: Neanderthal lungs larger (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Tuesday, November 13, 2018, 17:42 (1929 days ago) @ dhw

Since we simply go round and round I've limited my response to this section:

DAVID: You do not understand advanced planning by leaving out phenotype changes in speciation.

dhw: Yet again: I propose that speciation takes place IN RESPONSE to new conditions and not before those conditions exist (advanced planning), and it hardly needs to be said that speciation involves phenotype changes!

Blithely skipping again that fact that phenotypic changes require huge alterations of body parts, and require design.

DAVID: So if we start with Lucy, we have huge bodily changes to explain: bony changes in form, shifted muscle attachments, and the pelvic/birth problem added to it. The whales are more difficult to explain because of the additional physiological problems of a mammal living in water. This cannot happen by chance. Design is required.

dhw: Dealt with over and over again, and please stop erecting the straw man of chance, which I have never advocated.

The point is design, not chance, is all I stated. If you reject chance you are forced to accept design.

DAVID: I am convinced God designed the start of life. You are totally illogical, because chance development of life and consciousness from the inorganic doesn't make any sense. Only minds design.

dhw: Yet again: the theistic version of my hypothesis is precisely that: your God may have designed the START of life, and I cannot believe in the chance development of life and consciousness from the inorganic, and that is a major reason why I am not an atheist. And yet again you are using your belief in God’s existence (through the perfectly logical design argument) to dodge having to defend your illogical version of how and why your God designed evolution, i.e. by specially designing every single innovation etc., extant and extinct, although his purpose was to produce H. sapiens.

Repeating the word illogical answers nothing. Many others and I see logic.

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