Evolution and humans: Neanderthal lungs larger (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Wednesday, October 31, 2018, 19:02 (2063 days ago) @ dhw

QUOTE: “What that means for how Kebara 2 lived is ripe for further research, Kramer said. How did Neandertals breathe, and for what physical demands might they have needed powerful lungs? What does that tell us about how they moved, and the environment in which they lived? Did any of these physical traits make them more or less adaptive to climate change?

DAVID: It is not surprising to find anatomic differences between the species.

dhw: As you insist that your God stepped in to expand the brain and the skull and the birth canal of pre-humans, I’m a little surprised that you are not surprised by all the anatomical differences between species. Do you think your God stepped in to expand Neanderthal lungs, or could the cell communities themselves have responded to the needs of the time? And if your God’s purpose was to produce the brain of Homo sapiens, why bother with Neanderthals and their lungs in the first place (especially bearing in mind that they and sapiens were contemporaries)? Could it be that the various species and their anatomical differences simply evolved independently, responding to different environments or even responding differently to the same environments, without any divine dabbling?

And just as possibly God had several approaches going on at the same time to explain the hobbits, the Denisovans, the Neanderthals and us.

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