Evolution and humans: all over Africa (Evolution)

by dhw, Sunday, April 29, 2018, 12:17 (1005 days ago) @ David Turell

DAVID: We couldn't do much during an ice age. I've been saying we lived survival lives until until recently. Survival life is not civilized life. […]

dhw: And for months you have been asking why sapiens didn’t use his great brain for two or three hundred thousand years, until approx. 12,000 years ago. Now you have an answer: the climate changed. Rejoice!

DAVID: It wan't all ice for 315,000 years. The ice ages came and went. If the last pre-sapiens had concepts that demanded brain enlargement (your 'push' theory) they should have been able to use it during the 'nice' climate periods. We were given a bigger brain and had to learn how to use it. Your parents gave you a two-wheeler and you had to learn to balance on it. Same concept.

Maybe they were quite happy as they were, or maybe the nice climate didn't last long enough, or maybe the geniuses weren't there at the time.

QUESTION: After the final brain expansion, why was there such a long period of stasis (i.e. why did we live survival lives until recently)? Answer:

QUOTE: We know that 12,000 years ago marks the beginning of a revolution for humanity. This is when Earth’s climate entered a warm and unusually stable period known as the Holocene, which persists to this day. It seems likely that people have always tried to control and alter their environment, but with climatic stability such experiments were finally able to take off. Farming was born. And this had big implications for human evolution.

Your comment: During the past 12,000 years we really learned how to use our brains. We had been partially civilized; we had farmed food and lived above a survival existence which allowed us to really start thinking.

You quote the answer to the question you've been asking, comment approvingly on it, but when I point out that it answers the question you’ve been asking, you try to reject it!

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