Evolution and humans: Neanderthal lungs larger (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Saturday, November 03, 2018, 18:53 (1669 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: You always attempt to minimize my theory about the appearance of humans by simply referring to one organ. The entire human body is a major reconstruction of the basic ape form. Please recognize that major point!

dhw: Of course it is a major reconstruction. But since you made a special point about one organ – the birth canal - and the need for your God to fiddle with it in order to accommodate the bigger fetus and its skull, I’m simply asking if you think your God also fiddled with Neanderthal’s bigger lungs. Do please answer.

DAVID: The birth canal presents a paradox for natural evolution, a MAJOR point.

dhw: According to you every innovation, lifestyle and natural wonder requires special design by your God. I don’t know why you’re so reluctant to tell us whether he also stepped in to dabble with Neanderthal lungs.

I'm not reluctant, just surprised that you try to talk around the problem of the development of the human birth canal by discussing Neanderthal lungs. You know, full well, I think God guides evolution in all spheres, and had several experimental human forms at the same time in evolution.

dhw: I know it’s different, and I know there were other forms of human, and I’m asking why you believe he “started the evolution” of these different types though you keep telling us that his purpose was to produce the brain of Homo sapiens.

DAVID: Again, just a brain. The brain is part of a very different organism, the whole human. By sticking with just a brain, you are making an obvious attempt to belittle the whole concept of amazing humans.

dhw: No belittling. I am making an obvious attempt to get the answer to a puzzle. Please tell us why, if your God’s prime purpose was to produce the amazing body and brain of Homo sapiens, you think he “started the evolution” of all the other types of human.

Glad you backed off 'just a brain '. As above God may have been trying out different forms of Homo species. That is what the evidence suggests. I can't read God's mind.

DAVID (re spiders’ webs): You've just admitted econiches are necessary. They are a requirement of maintenance of life. The diversity of forms create the niches. We don't disagree. Each niche requires a different web. So?

dhw: We agree that every form of life requires an econiche, but as conditions change, so the econiche changes, some forms die out and others flourish. “Balance of nature” therefore does not explain why your God had to design 50,000 spider webs.

It is explained by 50,000 econiches.

dhw: Two questions: 1) If your God’s purpose was to produce the amazing brain and body of Homo sapiens, why did he need to specially design 50,000 different spider webs and other species of human?

The webs were for 50,000 niches. H. sapiens were the final result, after other designed homo species tried to survive.

dhw> 2) Do you not believe it is possible that the spiders autonomously designed their own webs in accordance with what they needed in order to preserve their place in their own econiche?

The spiders did not design their own webs or especially, the organs that produced the webs.

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